What is Pharma Funding

Pharma Funding buys health insurance receivables from independent pharmacies, labs, DMEs, care facilities, and surgical centers every week. Contact us today to learn how to set up a cash flow and resource plan that is right for your business.

Our simple and flexible Weekly Receivables Purchase Plan provides you with accessible cash you can use today. Break out of the painful payor cycle and take control of your business.


Weekly Cash Flow

Sell us your weekly AR bundles immediately after adjudication and shipping. No more waiting for payments from payors.


Essential Resources

Use funds to grow marketing and/or diversify your product offerings.


Substantial Growth

Increase profits faster, with less of your own capital.

Over $290 Million in Receivables Purchased

What does that mean for your business?

I would highly recommend using Pharma Funding for your next venture!

“Since partnering with Pharma Funding in 2018, our business has been able to maximize cash flow. We no longer need to wait for payments from Payors. By incorporating the growth capital provided, we have been able to pay suppliers, cover overhead, and increase our marketing efforts. "

GoLiveWell Pharmacy, Missouri

Without having Pharma funding, I would not be an owner of 4 pharmacies.

“Pharma Funding has continuously provided us with the tools to grow business month over month. We have had the opportunity to open 3 pharmacies. By partnering with Pharma Funding, we have been able to purchase supplies immediately resulting in increased revenue. This has been a win-win relationship. "

Medlife RX Pharmacy, Michigan

Pharma Funding is available what seems to be around-the-clock with great service and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

“Pharma Funding has been an ideal partner, providing us with a financial infusion which we like to say resuscitated a business which was left comatose with the looming threat of disconnecting and pulling the plug at any moment."

Scripts Direct, Florida

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